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Air transportation

Air transport is an extremely actual and popular method in case you need your cargo delivered as fast as possible. Air transportation is especially popular for intercontinental routes, as this type of transport is both convenient and high-speed.

We provide air transportation of cargo from China to Ukraine. By air we deliver a wide range of goods, which are not subject to the prohibition by the air companies—our partners. Our company works on "Warehouse-Warehouse" principle, i.e. you deliver goods to our warehouses in China and in 5-10 days you either take it from our warehouse in Odessa or we arrange delivery to your warehouse.

Cargo delivery under FOB terms is provided from the airports of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

If your cargo needs customs clearance with further air transportation, we are ready to offer the services of our warehouses in China in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Contact us for more information about all conditions of air transportation.