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Less Container Load Cargo (LCL)

"UTLA" Company provides international shipping services for LCL cargo. Cargo shipping as a part of LCL container is one of the most cost-effective types of transportation. This type allows to deliver cargos regularly in small batches without paying for the whole container freight. You don't pay for the whole container, you pay only for the space, occupied by your cargo.

LCL shipping from China and Turkey are the priority areas of our company. Cargos can be delivered to the consolidation warehouses either by your seller or by our agent directly from the factory if you fill out an application. In the warehouse the cargo handling will be performed, then it will be merged with other cargo batches for further transportation to their destination.

In China our consolidation warehouses-partners are located in Beijing and Guangzhou. Time period for container filling and its delivery comprises approximately 45-50 days. If you need your cargo delivered urgently, you can use air delivery service.

In Turkey we are ready to offer the warehouse in Istanbul, from there you can regularly send your cargo as a part of LCL cargo. We propose several types of shipping, which are the most appropriate for you according to time and financial factors:

- LCL cargo delivery by sea container.

- LCL cargo delivery by auto transport.

- LCL cargo delivery by ferry.

If you need to use LCL cargo delivery services, we are always glad to offer you our services.